Sharin Borja

Sharin is the East End Community Connector for the Positive Community Connections. Sharin has a BA in Sociology from Stony Brook University and has worked, in various capacities, within the self-directed community for over six years. She started in the field as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) and was quickly inspired to expand her knowledge and support roles. Sharin is a Support Broker and also the active coordinator for the Weekly Walkers meetup group. These positions have allowed her to foster positive and open relationships with self-directed individuals, their support circles and local community leaders. Sharin is honored to have the opportunity to continue to grow with, learn from and support individuals in their self-determined life journeys by acting as a Community Connector for the Positive Community Connections. In this role, she hopes to promote self-directed individuals in finding greater opportunities and resources to be active, fully integrated members of their local communities.