Shawn Gladstone

Shawn Gladstone is a married mother of three grown sons, one of whom has autism. She has been an advocate for the developmentally challenged for the past 25 years. Her advocacy began with her role as SEPTA Co-President in the Jericho School District. She also served terms on the Jericho’s Joint PTA as vice president and president.  In 2006, Shawn was elected to the Jericho School Board and served for nine years. During all her years of service within the Jericho School district she was a constant advocate for all students but especially for those with special needs as her years of experience within that population gave her a unique insight and perspective.  In 2017, Shawn joined the Positive Community Connections Board and served as the Secretary. In 2020, Shawn moved to the PCC Advisory Board and continues to work to help create greater opportunities for the special needs population.

Shawn has a degree in Psychology and prior to moving to Jericho she was a Certified Financial and Operations Principal at a New York City investment banking firm.