At Positive Community Connections we believe that one of the best ways to stregthen community bonds is by giving back!

We recognize that the road to inclusion goes both ways, so we offer our members the opportunity to positively impact their local communities through charitable works and events. 

PCC has hosted and/or participated in various community outreach activities including food drives, book drives, fundraising marathons and emergency preparedness classes. 

Each year we look for opportunties to partner with local charitible organizations such as Hindi's Libraries, the EJ Foundation, LILAHH and More. 

We also recognize that many Self-Directed individuals are looking for opportunities to individually give back. With that in mind, PCC has compiled a list of local organizations that are currently (2023) in need of volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about these volunteer opportunities please use the regional links below.



Of course, PCC is always looking for Self-Directed individuals, family members and friends who would like to volunteer directly with us. We have so many fun and engaging ways to get involved! If you are intrested in becoming a PCC volunteer please email:infoatpositivecc [dot] org (body: